Our Founder & President


Dr. William J. Lindsey

Founder, CEO. & President of Coach Me To Lead

Dr. William J. Lindsey, is a native Houstonian and Founding Pastor of Above and Beyond Fellowship. Pastor Will has a passion to see Christ-Followers maximize their full potential, walk in their divine destiny, and live life above mediocrity. Pastor Will proclaims that vision is the ability to see above & beyond the majority. He is known as an urban innovator and visionary leader among his core group.  After renting eight different locations for over the 23 and a half years Pastor Lindsey led Above & Beyond to its new home in January 2017, a new state of the art four million dollar 13.5 acres campus in Spring, Texas.  

Pastor Will received his Bachelor’s Degree in Leadership from the College of Biblical Studies (2003), a Master’s Degree in Leadership from Indiana Wesleyan University (2014), and a Doctoral Degree in Ministry from John Wesley University (2017).  He is also the author of “The Will to Be: Becoming More than What You Are” and the e-book “30 Ways In 30 Days To Change Your Life”.  He also the Founder and Senior Consultant for Coach Me To Lead, a network for developing Senior Pastors and their Leadership Teams. In 2022, Dr. Lindsey became the Director of Graduate Studies at the Carolina Christian College and a professor of the new dual master’s and doctoral in ministry program.” www.carolina.edu “Dr. Lindsey also serves as the business development VP for Trinity financial consultant. A consulting firm that can help finance your church or small business. For more information visit www.trinityfinancialconsulting.com.For more information on Pastor Will’s coaching network, please visit www.coachmetolead.com Pastor William J. Lindsey has two adult children, Candance and William Lindsey II.