Grow Your Church

Coach Me To Lead is a once a month Leadership Network that helps Churches grow and become vibrant. Senior Pastor’s Coaching Network with Pastor Will J. Lindsey, Lead Pastor of Above & Beyond Fellowship, who is a proven church analysis and church growth consultant who has broken the 100, 200, 300, 500, 700, and 1000 church growth barrier. Listen to him and learn from him each month as he grows you to grow your church.

What You’ll Receive?

  • Monthly Hands-on Coaching, Leadership Skills & Church Growth Skills
  • How To Develop Other Leaders & Hear from the ABF Staff
  • Marketing Your Church & High Impact Children Church Info.
  • Receive a monthly Newsletter & CD on Church Growth
  • Receive a free Church Growth/Leadership book every 2 months and much, much more

Coach Me To Lead offers 5 Services

  • Coaching monthly with Senior Pastors
  • Coaching One on One with Senior Pastors
  • Coaching Through Tele-Coaching (Coming Soon)
  • Conferencing at Your Church
  • Consulting at Your Church

This network is coached once a month by someone who has already overcome those

obstacles. Join Will J. Lindsey as he Instructs and Inspires Senior Pastors each month through this

onsite coaching network.